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Enjoy the benefits of yoga and walking


Yoga and Walking



Here at Dru Yoga, we try to get out for a walk every day – read on to find out why!

1. Lift your mood
Simply by heading out for a 20 minute brisk walk your body starts to release endorphins – or the ‘feel good’ hormones. This in turn helps us to feel positive about our lives and enthusiastic about our day ahead.
2. Get fit
Brisk walking is also beneficial aerobic exercise for helping to promote weight loss. By getting out and about you are naturally using more energy and therefore helping those extra calories from that sneaky packet of crisps to be used up with exercise – rather than sitting on the hips!

3. Get a change of perspective
When we are out of our ‘normal’ environment it becomes much easier to see things from a different perspective. Those things which seemed too big or overwhelming can now become more clear and can feel more manageable.

 4. Dedicate those positive vibes
When we walk with an awareness of gratitude it can become a powerful act of dedication. When we think about how amazing it is to be able to walk, run, play and get easily from A to B, we can then choose to dedicate that great feeling to others who may be less fortunate than ourselves. We can hope that someone close to us may also feel the beauty of movement today, or that those who are not able to walk will feel some improvement in their health.

Why not give it a try next time you’re ‘pounding the pavement’!

5. Keeping it up…
It’s not necessarily easy to keep up your daily walk… When it gets really busy at work, or you get home late and you are tired, a walk round the block can feel like the last thing in the world you want to do! At these times the best thing is to put on your shoes (without thinking too much!) and just walk out the door!!! You’ll find that once you start – it’s much easier to keep going.

Here are some great ideas about how to integrate your walk into your daily life to get you started!

  1. Park about a mile away from work – then you have to walk there and back again!
  2. Don’t get enough milk… (This is a crafty one to get the other half out the door!)
  3. Have a ‘walk buddy’ – when you are with another person you can help each other to keep up the good habit.
  4. Use the stairs instead of the lift.
  5. Walk the kids to school.
  6. Make it a family habit to go for a stroll after dinner every evening.

 6. Yogic walking?
The literal translation of yoga is: ‘to unite’ and when we walk with awareness we have a wonderful opportunity to be able to connect to nature and our surroundings.

As we allow ourselves to fully enter into the joy of walking we start to experience other potent benefits. For example, it can help us to tap into a more subtle part of ourselves, allowing us to feel more emotionally balanced, physically energised and to enjoy a deep sense of connection to inner self and the world around us. Discover more about yoga and walking at one of our yoga weekend retreats in Snowdonia.

If you are familiar with some of the yoga asanas and sequences, you will also find that to practice them out of doors will bring a added dimension for you to enjoy. Learn some asana in this blog under our ‘posture of the month’ category or visit us at the Dru Yoga Online Studio here.

The Cult of Yoga and Meditation

As a Dru Yoga teacher, I sometimes get asked if yoga is a cult. Yoga students have asked me if they are being brainwashed when they do a deep relaxation or a Dru meditation.


Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise on the planet, and because it has its origins in India, it can attract suspicion or accusations of being ‘cult-like’. Not everyone likes feeling calm and relaxed, and the fact that some yoga teachers include Sanskrit words or the odd ‘Om’ sessions can raise a few eyebrows from the ultra cynical.


When American Yoga teacher Kino MacGregor wrote recently in the Huffington Post that Meditation is in fact a cult and does brain wash, I’m sure that more than just a few eyebrows were raised. However, Kino writes that we need our brains washing because they are dirty – full of negative thoughts. Kino writes:


‘The whole spiritual path is a brainwashing. And a deep, thorough brainwashing is exactly what we need. Our thoughts are dirty. We need to wash and clean our thoughts and run them through the tumble dryer to make sure all the stains, dirt and lint are removed.

Think about how many negative thoughts go through your mind on a daily basis. Your mind may be sullied with low self-confidence, anger, frustration, lack of empathy, impatience, anxiety or depression. There are also the repetitive negative thoughts that surface when you least expect them to. These are all stains on the fabric of consciousness, and these thoughts need to be washed out.’


So our Dru Yoga and meditation practice can be a way of purifying those negative thoughts, painful memories and self-doubts which can bring us so much mental misery. I personally find that just ten minutes of practice a day keeps my thoughts clear and positive and I make sure I include Dru Yoga’s Energy Block Releases, The Sun Sequence, a few moments of meditation and a deep relaxation – after that – my mind feels completely washed clean and I’m ready to have a great day!


Read Kino’s original article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kino-macgregor/meditation_b_2979013.html

Find out more about Dru Yoga and Meditation here: http://www.druworldwide.com/yoga