Dru Yoga techniques for surviving and succeeding in the busy world

Your personal Peace Formula by Dr Mansukh Patel is one of the most comprehensive self help books on the market today.  Written at the culmination of an 18 month around the world seminar tour, Mansukh Patel gives Dru Meditation and Dru Yoga techniques for surviving and succeeding in this busy world.

A common expression that is bandied around today in all sectors of society is to have …’not enough time at the end of my day’.   Have you ever found yourself in this position?  According to a large percentage of the magazines on the newsagents shelves, from lifestyle to business – humanity is running fast to find a solution to the ever increasing demands made upon them to achieve more in less time and to enjoy at the same time.  We only have to look at the number of books there are on how to survive this onslaught of technology and the increasing demands it makes on us to learn in order to keep up with the latest to see that this way of being is missing one vital component – you!

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