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Dru Yoga techniques for surviving and succeeding in the busy world

Your personal Peace Formula by Dr Mansukh Patel is one of the most comprehensive self help books on the market today.  Written at the culmination of an 18 month around the world seminar tour, Mansukh Patel gives Dru Meditation and Dru Yoga techniques for surviving and succeeding in this busy world.

A common expression that is bandied around today in all sectors of society is to have …’not enough time at the end of my day’.   Have you ever found yourself in this position?  According to a large percentage of the magazines on the newsagents shelves, from lifestyle to business – humanity is running fast to find a solution to the ever increasing demands made upon them to achieve more in less time and to enjoy at the same time.  We only have to look at the number of books there are on how to survive this onslaught of technology and the increasing demands it makes on us to learn in order to keep up with the latest to see that this way of being is missing one vital component – you!

Correct breathing – One of the most valuable tools of Meditation

Correct breathing is a good way of focussing and is one of the most valuable tools of meditation. Incorrect breathing can create stress and agitation within the body.  Many disciplines have discovered that specific rations of the in and out breath can be used to create very precise changes in our consciousness.

Through using the power of breath with affirmation Dr Patel uses this exercise to bring you to a state of peace and calm in a matter of minutes.  The method simply involves altering the length of the outbreath by pausing during it and taking that moment to silently say the affirmation before exhaling again. This can be built this up over a number of days or weeks.

Simple Dru techniques can bring health and wellbeing to all.

Some days you just want to stay in bed and hope the world forgets you exist. Joshna Patel Dru yoga teacher in Midlands recognises the reaction when clients come to her with these symptoms. As a Dru Yoga teacher she has been able to shed light on the pathways which can overcome this.

Imagine the hustle and bustle of city life, when its cold and grey and damp. How do you change the way you feel? Dru yoga has a whole network full of techniques so much to offer such as movements, breathwork, meditation, sequences and positive affirmation. It’s the Dru positive affirmation that we are going go home into. Its called: the attitude to gratitude.

Joshna Patel says what if instead of wallowing in our misery we all choose to focus on everything that we are grateful for in our lives. Such as being valued by a dear friend, or the memory of a colleagues’s face when she receives a surprise birthday cake at work.

As science now proving, feeling grateful can actually make us healthier. Joshna Patel adds that practising gratitude, acknowledging the blessings in our lives and making it a point to recognise the good things can change us positively.

Joshna Patel had found that power of gratitude enables us to sleep better and exercise more and we feel more optimistic, feeling more alert and active.  Simple Dru techniques like this can bring health and wellbeing to all.

Does your yoga teacher walk their talk?

Yoga is more than an occasional hobby. It’s a way to unite body, mind and soul. To be a good yoga teacher, daily practice is crucial – your teacher should enjoy what they teach – or else you won’t! Dru yoga teachers are known for loving what they do. They should also be approachable and get on well with their students. In the ancient tradition of yoga, the relationship between teacher and student was one of the most important – and it’s true today as well. As one Dru Yoga student said: A great yoga teacher can draw you in from wherever you are – stressed, moody, fed up, sad, exhilerated or whatever else you might be feeling- and take you to a place of peace inside yourself.